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DIY challenger

By Dave Ashton

If you wanted an ICE Dodge Challenger before 2023, then you could snag one for just $7,995, just in kit form.
Dodge will be winding down their ICE vehicle production line in 2023, but not before offloading the last of their inventory. The idea being for drag racer types to have on offer a complete body shell in defacto. white e-coat, while other colors are available.

The basic shells are to provide grassroots drag racers with a starting point for their own creations. For those wanting a more complete solution, there will also be available full rolling chassis versions, which include a full suspension, 9 inch rear axle, roll cage, and fancy Mickey Thompson tires for $89,999.

This offering along with the Direct Connection catalog shows that Dodge are not leaving ICE owner in the dust after 2023-24. There will be plenty of opportunities to get hold of a vehicle or bits of, without it being plugged into the mains.

Find out more via Dodge’s Direct Connection dealers.


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