Dodge has issued a recall for about 139,000 Durango SUVs from model years 2021-2023 because their rear spoilers can fly off, potentially hitting other vehicles.

In documents filed with federal safety regulators, Dodge explains that some Durango rear spoilers “that may be over-flush to the roof” are mounted so that opening the liftgate can knock them loose. A partially loosened spoiler can come loose in the normal airflow of driving.

The company notes that owners “may hear the spoiler hitting the body when opening or
closing the liftgate, or a rattle from the spoiler being loose while driving.”

Dodge is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the problem, but has received 56 warranty claims for repairs.

Dealers will replace the spoiler with a correctly mounted one so that opening the liftgate doesn’t contact it. The company may reimburse owners who have already paid to repair the problem.

Recall repairs are always free.

Automakers recall many cars, often more than once, during their lifespan. Automakers try to contact every owner but don’t always reach them all. Find out whether your vehicle has any outstanding recalls with the easy VIN tool at our recall center.

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